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PUGNARE : Economic Success and Failure by GEORGE MAHER

PUGNARE : Economic Success and Failure by GEORGE MAHER
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We imagine the Roman Empire as being a world very distant from ours, in particular their business and banking systems. So distant, that we may think we have nothing to learn from them. That however would be a mistake.

The causes of the disasters of our times are much the same as those of the Roman Empire. The Romans were people like us and the wisest of their great men and women were as wise as the best of ours. Unfortunately, the most foolish of theirs were just as the foolish as the worst of ours.

This thought-provoking book is the first historical account of the Roman Empire written from a practical business perspective. It is also about people, because business is about people. We can learn a lot from their behaviour, from their successes and failures.

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