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The Wexell Escape Room Kit

The Wexell Escape Room Kit
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Enter the world of The Wexell Escape Room Kit, but beware... once you enter, you only have a limited time to solve the puzzles before the seconds runs out and you are locked in forever! Perfect for playing as a group with friends and family - and written by an experienced escape room creator - the kit contains five rooms for you to unravel. You must help Adam Parkinson, a young investigative journalist, and his conspiracy-theorist friend Henry Fielding as they take on the diabolical Wexell Corporation.

As you decipher the puzzles in each room, an escape route will be revealed and a new location uncovered for you to explore. The story spans from Adam's apartment in London to an ancient ruin buried under a Spanish city... and beyond.

Everything you need to create your own escape room in your living room is included, as well as hints and tips to help you on your way when you get stuck.

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