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The State of Us : The good news and the bad news about our society by Jon Snow

The State of Us : The good news and the bad news about our society by Jon Snow
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There is a question at the heart of this book:What sort of a society do we want to live in?It is rare in history that so many nations in the developed world are in crisis at the same time. There has been a disintegration of trust in political leaders and in the media that holds them to account. For all the progress humankind has made, for all the inventions and new technologies, our society is being undermined by inequality.

We should care not simply because of its impact on productivity and growth, but because it's wrong. It's wrong that some don't have enough money to eat whilst others fly wagyu beef halfway across the planet for a couple of amusing mouthfuls. It's wrong that there are council residents unable to safely escape their homes if they catch fire.

To fix it, we must begin by seeking out the truth about our world. In The State of Us, Jon Snow traces how the life of the nation has changed across his five-decade career, from getting thrown out of university for protesting apartheid to interviewing every prime minister since Margaret Thatcher. In doing so, he shows how the greatest problems at home and abroad so often come down to inequality and an unwillingness to confront it.

But that is not our fate. Despite the challenges, Snow has witnessed profound social progress. In this passionate rallying cry, he argues that at its best, journalism reflects not just who we are now, but who we can be.

We've had enough of division; the future is for us.

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