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Not So Stories

Not So Stories
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Not the tales you were told Once upon a time, Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories-fantastical yarns of wondrous creatures in faraway places-bewitched children across the world. But times change. Today, Kipling's writing tells us a different tale; of a love of Empire, and the troubling legacy of British colonialism.

In Not So Stories, writers of colour from around the world reclaim these stories and remake them into something new. Something different. Something that belongs to us all.

Including stories by Adiwijaya Iskandar, Joseph Elliott-Coleman, Raymond Gates, Stewart Hotston, Zina Hutton, Georgina Kamsika, Cassandra Khaw, Paul Krueger, Tauriq Moosa, Jeannette Ng, Ali Nouraei, Wayne Santos, Zedeck Siew and Achala Upendran, with illustrations by Woodrow Phoenix and a foreword by Nikesh Shukla. "Whether you love or can't stand Kipling, this is a terrific book." Barnes and Noble SF&F Blog "For any adult who was charmed by Kipling as a child." Starburst "There is a lot to enjoy here. A book whose time has come..." -- Suroor Alikhan, Talking About Books

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